Patient Forms

If you are a new patient, please complete the forms below and bring with you to your first visit.

Medical History and Health Questionnaire Form
This health questionnaire asks patients about their allergies, current medications, immunizations and family history of certain diseases.

HIPAA/Privacy Notice
Our HIPAA/Privacy Notice is an important form for new patients and existing patients to read over and understand as it pertains to how we keep your medical information secure and how you can request additional information.

Release of Medical Records Form
If you need to see a specialist or have your medical records released to a different healthcare provider you need to fill out this Release of Medical Records Form and bring it to our office.

Consent to Examine Minor without Parental/Guardian Presence form
As primary care physicians we provide internal medicine services to patients of all ages including minors. Parents or guardians will need to fill out this form to consent to their minor being examined by one of us.

Patient Responsibility Form
This form is proof of the patient acknowledging that they are responsible for complying with physician recommendations and proper use of prescriptions.