Financial Assistance

As part of OhioHealth, our practice is pleased to offer charity care and financial assistance to patients with limited resources and inadequate medical insurance coverage. The OhioHealth Financial Assistance/Charity program is a sliding scale based upon income and family size from 1 to 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (a sliding scale discount). The OhioHealth charity care and financial assistance program includes a hardship policy for patients who would not otherwise qualify for charity care but have unique circumstances. We also provide care for patients without health insurance at a 35% discount. OhioHealth is able to provide one of the most compassionate charity care policies to individuals and families who cannot pay for medically necessary healthcare services they receive at our facilities. Payment is due at the time of service.

For more information about the health insurance plans we accept of the OhioHealth Financial Assistance/Charity program, please speak with our office manager.


To pay your bill online for a visit to our office after April 8, 2015 go to the OhioHealth Online Bill Pay webpage.

To pay your bill online for a visit to our office before April 8, 2015 go to